Telethon Student Ambassador Program

Be part of the first trial of 20 schools in 2020!!!

Create leadership opportunities in your school and help the kids of WA

The Telethon Student Ambassadors Program is a new initiative for schools to assign students in special leadership roles where they are responsible for the school’s engagement with Telethon.

CLICK HERE to register, and for further information and resources.

Step 1 – Register

  • Register as an ambassador school at https:/

Step 2 – Launch

  • Determine your school’s selection criteria and launch to program to staff and students. Use the template provided if you wish!

Step 3 – Select

  • Select two student Ambassadors, and provied their details to the Telethon Office.

Step 4 – Support

  • Work with your Ambassadors on delivering their responsibilties. Provide them with our guide to help them on their way.

Step 5 – Connect

  • Keep us updated! Share photos and videos with the Telethon team

Step 6 – Stay Tuned!

  • Telethon will be in contact with news and opportunities for your school!

Many of you may know Telethon as a weekend of television in October. However, the kids of WA that benefit from Telethon funding need our support 365 days, and in
turn, we’re hoping your school can partner with us all year round.

The student ambassador program will create a meaningful way of engaging your school with a trusted Western Australian institution that financially supports 53 other
children’s charities, all united with the common goal of improving the health and wellbeing of WA kids.

We have no doubt that there’s a child in every school in WA who’s been touched by and benefited from Telethon support. From treatment at Perth Children’s Hospital,
receipt of support services for illness or disability, or unknowingly benefiting from the world class research at Telethon Kids Institute.

The student ambassador program is a new initiative, and we encourage schools to register and nominate their students from 2020 onwards.

We can’t wait to connect with your school, your selected ambassadors, and work together with you to help the kids of WA.

Ambassadors will be asked to perform several duties across the year. These can be determined by the school but at a minimum should include:

  • Presentation to other students on Telethon.
  • Organisation of a Telethon fundraiser at the school, or coordination of school’s participation in Telethon led fundraisers with support from staff.
  • Communication with the Telethon office, sending photos or videos, providing updates or asking for support.

It is important to recognise that these activities should be student led, not adult led. However, students will need a mentor to offer some support and guidance to help them achieve their goals. This mentor can be a teacher, member of admin staff, or a parent.

Student Ambassadors will be recognised with a special badge to wear throughout the year, and will be provided with a certificate at the end of their term.

Ambassadors will be invited in some capacity to be involved in the Telethon Weekend broadcast, and for the school that fundraises the most for Telethon, Ambassadors may be invited to participate in an on-air cheque presentation.

Ambassadors will also have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills in fundraising, community engagement, communication and leadership.

Schools involved will be listed as an ambassador school on the Telethon website and will also be given access to a special Telethon Ambassador School e-badge. For schools that fundraise, there may also be opportunity for a Channel 7 Weather Cross or a visit from Fat Cat (subject to availability).

The Channel 7 Telethon Trust is a registered charity with a philosophy that financially supports the medical and social welfare of children and young people and fund research into children’s diseases. Since its inception, Telethon has raised over $349 million!

Generations of Western Australians have grown up with Telethon and through their generosity have had a major impact on some of the life-threatening diseases that face our children including brain cancer and leukaemia.

Through Telethon, you have provided equipment for children in hospital, critical services for children with disabilities and life-changing opportunities for disadvantaged children. Your tax deductible donations to the Channel 7 Telethon Trust will ensure that together, we can continue to provide our children with the best quality services and support now and into the future.

The Channel 7 Telethon Trust is a registered charity, governed by a Board of Trustees. Telethon’s small team is based at Seven West Media headquarters in Osborne Park. Telethon exists on a day to day basis because of the generosity of Channel Seven Perth, The West Australian & The Sunday Times.

If you require any further information regarding the Student Ambassador Program please contact the Telethon Office



08 9344 0756

Street Address:

Channel 7 Telethon Trust
50 Hasler Road,
Osborne Park WA 6017

To register your school, visit https:/

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