Explore the solar system – and beyond!

Our planet may seem big when you’re standing on it, but it’s barely a speck when you zoom out to consider the universe. Explore our galactic neighbourhood to discover what you can find in Space, including planets, moons, asteroids and stars.

How do we know what we know about Space? Discover the history of space exploration, what’s happening now and what might happen in the future – including Western Australia’s links to Space exploration. Learn about rockets, rovers and radio-telescopes, as well as what it’s like to be an astronaut.

These resources support the WA Curriculum: Science, HASS and Design and Technology.

BONUS: includes activities, merit stickers and poster for your class

WIN an ASTRONAUT excursion!

Simply order “Lift-off” for a chance for your class to win a free excursion to Scitech’s ‘Astronaut’ exhibition in Term 4*.

Five runner-ups will receive a double pass to the exhibition*.

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* First prize includes entry for one class including adult helpers. Transport not included. Winners will be selected by random draw after orders close. Winners will be notified.

National Science Week (August 13-21)

Celebrate National Science Week – when Lift-off! will be delivered to your school – so plan ahead to explore Earth & Space Sciences and Technologies with your students.

Developed in partnership with the Scitech

What's Included?

Thanks to support from Scitech, schools will not be invoiced.

Many schools* will automatically receive one class set (35 copies) delivered to their school at the start of National Science Week (approx. Aug 15).

One class set of 24-page student workbooks (35 copies). Includes activities, merit stickers and A2 poster for your class.

Please allow one to two days for delivery. Orders must be placed by 10am on the Friday prior to first delivery date. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate back orders.



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