See first-hand how the technology driving Australia’s resources industry is world-class.

For two days in November the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre will be transformed by futuristic and thoroughly interactive displays of world-class robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles and remote operations centres.

Students and teachers will experience a behind-the-scenes look at the technology which is transforming the resources sector – and shaping the jobs of tomorrow.

  • 27-28 November, 2019
  • Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
Suitable For
  • Year 3-10. This excursion supports the WA Curriculum: Science, Technologies and HASS.
  • Find out more about the Resources Technology Showcase 2019 here.
  • Please contact Seven West Media Education for any cancellations, amendments or further enquiries.
  • Please read the Excursion Management Plan thoroughly.
  • Bookings are available on a first come, first served basis.
  • We expect this to be a sold-out event, so restrictions will apply to group size and number of groups per school.
    • There will be a limit of one booking per school, with a maximum of 70 students per school.
    • Schools may waitlist should additional capacity become available.
  • Groups will be able to make bookings in half-hour increments throughout each day, with the first session being at 9am.
  • The excursion duration is 2 hours.
  • Public Transport
  • Private Bus/Coach
    • DROP-OFF
      • Schools arriving by private bus/coach may be dropped off on the concourse outside of the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre (PCEC).
        • This is strictly a drop-off zone only. No bus parking or standing is permitted.
        • If your bus cannot access the driveway, please drive around the block so as to not block the entrance to the PCEC or Busport, Mounts Bay Road or other roadways.
        • Please note that this is also a public space for pedestrians, taxis, coaches and vehicles and can be extremely busy at times.
        • Buses can only turn left onto Mounts Bay Road once they exit the PCEC plaza.
        • Click here for map
      • Alternative locations may be used, such as:
        • the vehicle holding area under the freeway bridges on Mounts Bay Road (see below and Appendix 2) which can be used for drop-offs and pick-ups only. No parking is allowed.
          • this location includes crossing one traffic light-controlled crossing and one crosswalk under the direction of your school’s supervisory team. You may need to have your children cross in small groups.
        • reserved parking bays either on Mill St  (after 9am) or Spring St (after 9am-4.15pm) on Monday to Friday. Your bus company should contact City of Perth Parking Services to make arrangements.
    • PICK-UP
      • Under no circumstances will pick-ups be allowed from the PCEC concourse, due to the volume of buses arriving throughout the day.
      • Schools must make arrangements to be picked up at a location away from PCEC, such as the vehicle holding area on Mounts Bay Road or reserved parking bays either on Mill St or Spring St. See above for further information.
      • Click here for map
  • Please check in with staff on arrival and await further instructions.
  • Please enter the pavilions as a single group.
  • Schools will arrive at staggered times throughout the day, in half hour increments. To assist us with managing venue capacity, please arrive on time and leave promptly at the conclusion of your two hour visit.
  • Please remind students and supervisors that the duration of your visit is TWO hours only.
  • Please communicate a meeting time and location prior to entering the pavilions.

What's Included

STEM in action

The Showcase will combine jaw-droppingly massive industrial machinery with world-class computing power to bring STEM to life in a way that Perth has never seen. Our country’s oil and gas and mining companies use robots so sophisticated they have grabbed the attention of NASA. Our driverless vehicles work 24 hours a day on an industrial scale – not just in the controlled environment of a laboratory in Silicon Valley. Augmented reality is defeating the tyranny of distance every day.


Australia’s resources industry is the backbone of this country’s economy and a massive employer. The Showcase is a window into the careers of future. Students will be encouraged to immerse themselves in the technology that will be critical to the jobs they take after they leave school – and ask questions directly to senior business leaders about the resources industry’s challenges and successes.

School displays

With displays from around 50 schools, interact with the students and teachers from each and get a first-hand look at what WA schools are doing in the technology and innovation space.

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