Go behind the scenes at The West and see how we deliver the news every day


Through the real life context of ‘news creation’, this resource gives students a glimpse into how the newspaper is produced each day and draws parallels to the students’ own writing process in the classroom.

Give your students a platform for their own writing as they investigate how reporters source news ideas, develop a story, edit their work and publish it through The West Australian.

Examine the process of bringing a daily newspaper to readers each day.

  • Explore what a newspaper is and how it is structured.
  • Explore the news cycle, types of news stories and why some articles are given more prominence in the newspaper.
  • Explore news elements such as lead paragraphs and how the 5Ws and H are used to structure news articles.
  • Examine the process of interviewing subjects and what a news angle is.
  • Investigate the steps involved in developing news stories from an idea to an article in the printed newspaper.

What's Included?

Up to 35 student workbooks

  • Delivery of up to 35 copies of The West Australian for ten days; and
  • Comprehensive teacher notes and student activities, linked to the WA Curriculum – available only to subscribing teachers.
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Delivery conditions

Orders must be placed before 12pm Friday for deliveries during the following school week.

  • For urgent delivery requests (during the current school week), phone (08) 9482 3717 or email info@mediaeducation.com.au. Please note that a $10 surcharge will apply for each class set delivered.


This program is part of News Unplugged series

News unplugged

Current events, how news works, and critical and media literacy…

Choose from our range of subscription programs for primary school classrooms, with integrated links to the WA Curriculum in English, HASS and Media Arts.

In these programs, the newspaper becomes a ‘living textbook’ for students who can investigate, highlight, cut and paste from the newspaper to complete the activities in their own workbook. Each double-page spread in the student workbooks relates to that day’s news. No photocopying is required!

The activities are designed to enable students to become critical consumers of news. Through completing the activities, students will develop the skills to consider, question, inquire and challenge reported news stories. Media Education encourages students to become informed citizens of global issues considering multiple perspectives before generating their own ideas and opinions.

Comprehensive teacher notes with links to WA Curriculum are also provided with each program. Each order includes a class set of up to 35 copies of The West Australian for 10 days, and flexible delivery options are available – order every day for two school weeks, two delivery days for five weeks, or one day per week for the term. And it’s economical – the total cost for teachers is just $20.

Additional Resources

Here are some resources that will support student learning related to this program. Please note, you may be required to login in to access some resources.

Bringing the TV news to you
Every night we bring you the news live from the Channel 7 studio in Osborne Park. Step behind the scenes to see how a team of people pull together to make this happen every day.

Made for classroom use.

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