kidsQs is a podcast by kids, for kids!

Congratulations on being selected to be a part of kidsQs. We have developed the following guidelines to assist you with developing and recording your class’ questions.

Your class has been selected to be a part of kidsQs!

We have developed the following guidelines for teachers.

STAGE 1: TOPIC IDEAS (open submission)

  • If you’re reading this, then you’ve already jumped this hurdle! Congratulations!

STAGE 2: QUESTIONS (chosen schools only)

  • Use an inquiry-based approach to have students come up with questions on your topic for an expert to answer.
  • We’re looking for a mixture of questions that:
    • the students genuinely don’t know the answers to, and want to find out;
    • other students may not know the answers to;
    • we can use to create a ‘story’ within the podcast, eg.
      • to set the scene: “what is climate change, and why does it matter to us?”
      • to close the podcast: “so, what can us kids do about climate change that will make a difference?”
    • are pitched at the level of a ‘tween’ audience.
  • Don’t overthink it – we’re looking for questions that would genuinely come from students – not ones that are overly crafted.
  • Send your questions to and we’ll review them and get back to you with the list of the ones we’d like to record for the kidsQs podcast.

STAGE 3: RECORDING (chosen students only)

  • Review the questions – have students do a final tweak of grammar and language if needed.
  • Record kids one at a time in a small-ish room, with no background noise.
  • Recording on IPhone or similar is fine, you don’t need high-tech equipment.
  • Create separate sound file for each student
  • It would be best if it didn’t sound like the student was ‘reading’ the question, but rather being part of a conversation.
  • Have each kid introduce themselves, but mix up some of them so they don’t all sound exactly the same, eg.
    • “My name is XX and I’m in year XXXX and my question is [PAUSE] XXXXX”
    • “I’m XX from year XX and I want to know [PAUSE] XXXX”
      • the pause is because we may just use the question and have the host introduce them.
      • if they are all same year level, leave that out and it will be introduced at start.
  • Have each student that does a recording return a media permission form signed by their parent/guardian (or if you already have signed media permissions held by your school, please confirm by email).
  • Email the following to
    • sound files
    • a list of student names and year levels
    • media permission forms (or confirmation in writing that you have this at school level)
  • The kids’ questions will be provided to an ‘expert’ on your students’ topic. Please bear in mind that we may not be able to use all questions that are supplied.