Discover the precious metal that has helped shape our State

Dig into the fascinating world of gold. Discover how a rush to find the precious metal shaped the State, and learn about how gold is mined, processed and used today.

Gold was one of the first metals to grab human attention, and our desire for it held fast over time. Today, this valuable export helps to sustain our economy, provides employment and a wealth of career choices, and has diverse applications in industries ranging from aeronautics to medicine.

This resource supports the WA Curriculum: Science, HASS and Design and Technologies.

BONUS: includes activities, merit stickers and posters for your class


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Take a deeper dive into the world of gold by ordering Goldfields Girl, our Term 2 ED! Serial Reading story. This is historical fiction at its best – set right here in WA!

It’s 1892. Amid a fevered gold rush, 14-year-old Clara Saunders is in search of adventure in the new outback town of Coolgardie.

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Developed in partnership with the Gold Industry Group

What's Included?

Thanks to support from the Gold Industry Group, schools will not be invoiced.

Many schools* will automatically receive one class set inside the May 22 edition of The Sunday Times (35 copies).

Includes activities, merit stickers and posters for your class.

Please allow one to two days for delivery. Orders must be placed by 10am on the Friday prior to first delivery date. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate back orders.



May 22: student activity book (24-pages)

Gold fever

The discovery of gold in WA in the late 1800s opened the floodgates to fortune seekers from all over the world. Learn about the early days of gold mining and its profound impact on the State.

Finding, digging, making

Explore how gold is found, extracted and processed – as well as the people, machines and cutting-edge technology behind a modern mine site.

Worth its weight

Since antiquity, gold has been used as a store of wealth. However, its value is far more than just bullion. Explore the many uses of gold, which stretch beyond financial markets and jewellery.


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