Discover how we are powering our future and helping the environment with cleaner energy choices

Australia is perfectly placed to harness the power of the sun, wind, rivers and more for a cleaner and ‘greener’ future. Discover the new technologies being developed to sustainably power our homes, and the plans in place to meet the energy needs for our growing State.

These resources support the WA Curriculum: Science and HASS and the cross-curriculum priority of Sustainability.

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What's Included?

February 24: New power generation

Our power doesn’t magically arrive at a switch – discover how it is made, where it comes from, and how we can conserve energy and make positive changes for a better future. Learn about traditional energy generation methods, and the benefits of transitioning to renewable sources like wind and solar power.

March 3: Powering the home

Every day we rely on energy sources to switch on everything from lights and televisions, to mobile phones and computers and even to make and store our food. Making better choices about the electrical products that you buy and how you use them can not only save you money, but also help the environment.

March 10: Building a better future

Solar roads? Giant batteries? Renewable energy sounds like an obvious solution, but it can be expensive. From new technologies to environmental policies, explore and celebrate the change-makers working for cleaner air and a healthier planet through green energy initiatives.



Thanks to support from Synergy, schools will not be invoiced.

Most schools* will automatically receive one class set inside the February 24 and March 3 & 10 editions of The Sunday Times (35 copies).

Includes activities, merit stickers and posters for your class.

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