Aboriginal people and histories that shape our State

Celebrate the cultures, diversity and resilience of WA’s First Peoples, their ongoing contributions to the development of our State, and our shared future together.

Our State is home to over 60 Aboriginal language groups, millennia of unique traditions – and at times a difficult history of conflict and repression. Using rich historical sources from the State Library of WA’s collections, explore stories of courage and resistance and discover how active citizenship continues to pave the way towards reconciliation.

Produced in partnership with the State Library of WA, these resources support the WA Curriculum: HASS and English, as well as the cross-curriculum priority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.

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Thanks to support from the State Library of WA, schools will not be invoiced.

Most schools* will automatically receive one class set inside the July 28, August 4 and August 11 editions of The Sunday Times (35 copies).

Includes activities, merit stickers and posters for your class.

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July 28: Rights, resistance and reconciliation

From colonial resistance fighters to more recent ‘One Day’ protests, many have stood up to make Aboriginal voices heard. Investigate the struggles, milestones and achievements in the fight for Aboriginal people and their rights.

August 4: Contribution and cooperation

Aboriginal labour, knowledge and endeavour has had a huge impact on the geographic, economic and cultural development of our State. Find out about the roles and contributions from the past, and be inspired by achievements and efforts of today.

August 11: Living cultures

Explore the impact of past policies, the resilience and diversity of Aboriginal people, and the myriad ways individuals and groups continue to practise – and share – their unique cultures across our vast State.


Aboriginal people are warned that these resources may contain images of people who are now deceased.


Additional Resources

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Media Education and the State Library of WA are proud to be foundation partners for HASS Week WA. As part of this important curriculum-area celebration, we will be offering professional development opportunities, student resources published in The Sunday Times, and will be presenting workshops at the HASS Week WA conference.

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