Explore the relationships that humans and animals have developed over time

Discover how animals not only provide companionship, but also have a direct impact on the way we live and survive.

Investigate the changing nature of our relationships to animals, explore what animals need to be happy and healthy, and learn about the importance of animal welfare and how it relates to the laws in WA.

These resources support the WA Curriculum: Science, HASS, and Media Arts, as well as General Capabilities.

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Developed in partnership with the RSPCA WA

What's Included?

Thanks to support from RSPCA WA, schools will not be invoiced.

Many schools* will automatically receive one class set inside the August 1, 8 & 15 editions of The Sunday Times (35 copies).

Includes activities, merit stickers and posters for your class.

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August 1: Animals and us

How did dogs become our best friend? Learn about the origins of domestication and how farming changed the way we use and live with animals.

August 8: Working for animals

Animals provide so much for us, but what are we doing for them? Explore animal welfare issues and how organisations such as the RSPCA WA are helping animals.

August 15: Perfect pets

What is the perfect dog for an apartment? How do you adopt a rescue animal? Learn about different types of pets, what it takes to look after them and how we can all help protect and care for animals.

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