It’s never been more important to focus on student wellbeing, mental health, and resilience.

Explore proactive ways to help protect and promote mental wellbeing, such as getting active, connecting with others and helping your community. Not only do these actions make you feel good, they also develop resilience, and a strong sense of self-worth and belonging.

These resources support the WA Curriculum: Health and Physical Education, Personal and social capability, Ethical understanding and HASS – Civics and Citizenship.

BONUS: includes activities, merit stickers and posters for your class


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Developed in partnership with the Act Belong Commit

What's Included?

Thanks to support from Act Belong Commit, schools will not be invoiced.

Many schools* will automatically receive one class set inside the February 20, 27 & March 6 editions of The Sunday Times (35 copies).

Includes activities, merit stickers and posters for your class.

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February 20: Do something!

What does it mean to be mentally healthy and how does doing ‘stuff’ help? Discover the science behind feeling good, as well as practical ways to incorporate more physical, mental, social, spiritual and cultural activity into life.

February 27: Get connected!

Belonging to a community is a great way to feel good, whether that’s a music group, a footy team or even a coding club at school! Look into ways to form and maintain connections with others, and how technology can help us connect.

March 6: Make it meaningful!

Making and keeping a commitment provides a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Whether it’s setting a personal goal, volunteering to help others or looking after the environment, meaningful actions give life purpose and boost self-esteem.

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