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Check out these cool STEM activities, made to support at-home learning, using items readily found around the house!

These resources support the WA Curriculum: Science.

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Dinosaur Adaptations

Adaptations are the features and behaviours that help a species survive in its environment. Just like you, each species of dinosaur had its own special features for survival, like horns for protection or long necks for reaching the tallest leaves.

So the real question is, what if dinosaurs were alive today, and what would they look like if they lived in your kitchen? Click here to start making your decisions.


Sustainable footprints 

Shoes are not something that might spring to mind when thinking about being sustainable. But the numbers are staggering — according to the World Footwear Yearbook 2019, 24.2 billion pairs of shoes were produced in 2018 (about three pairs for every person on the planet), and some sources claim more than 300 million pairs end up in landfill in the US alone.

Many companies are tackling this issue by attempting to use recycled and repurposed materials and more sustainable production processes. This is called sustainable fashion. Well-known brands such as Nike, Adidas and Reebok have designed sustainable sneakers made from Earth-friendly and recycled materials such as plants, plastic bottles, T-shirts and post-industrial scraps.

As more consumers look to buy sustainable products, we will need people with the skills to meet this demand. Click here to start practising your skills for a future in sustainable design and engineering.


Tall buildings, creative engineering

Have you ever been to the top of a skyscraper and wondered how something so tall doesn’t seem to sway in the wind? Or maybe you’ve looked from below and wondered how all that metal and concrete, and all those people, stay supported so far off the ground?

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai, currently the world’s tallest building, stands at 828m tall. While Perth isn’t exactly known for having the tallest buildings in the world, ours must still meet the same rigorous design and building standards to ensure they stay upright. Click here to start practising your skills for a future STEM career in designing and building skyscrapers.


Creative coding

Do you dream of building websites and developing apps? Maybe you want to work in cybersecurity or big data. Perhaps you’re interested in using technology to solve problems in your community. If so, you might be interested in learning computer science, which is like learning a superpower. It allows you to design and develop amazing digital products that can help people solve complex problems from all around the world. Most jobs in the future (especially the ones that don’t exist yet) will involve the use of technology and computer science. Click here to take your first step to becoming Australia’s next technology superstar.


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