Discover how innovations and technologies are transforming WA’s booming resources sector

Learn how robots, drones and data are helping to create a safer, greener and more efficient resources sector – and the skills you’ll need to be a part of it.

Explore how WA’s resources sector has long been a source of prosperity and opportunity for the State, from the early days of picks and pans to today’s record-breaking mines.

These resources support the WA Curriculum: Science, HASS, Technologies and the cross-curriculum priority of Sustainability.

Part 1: A golden future

Learn about modern methods of identifying, mining and refining gold, and how this precious metal is being used in a range of innovative industries such as medicine, aeronautics and technology.

Part 2: Smarter and safer

Take a look at how technology is making WA’s mines, rigs and transport networks safer and more efficient. From autonomous vehicles to remote operated submersibles, this futuristic technology all relies on fast, efficient networks and complex data processing.

Part 3: On the job

The resources sector in WA employs a vast number of people in a range of different careers. Discover diverse jobs in the industry, how technology is shaking up the workforce, and the skills you’ll need for a future in resources.

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Developed in partnership with the Resources Technology Showcase 2021, the Gold Industry Group and Telstra.
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