Healthy eating, with enough for everyone

Food both sustains us and gives us pleasure. However, when supermarket shelves are overflowing with diverse and tempting produce, it can sometimes be difficult to make wise choices.

Even more worryingly, that seeming abundance also hides a serious problem: food insecurity. Each month, thousands of people around Australia don’t have access to sufficient nutrition for normal growth, development and an active lifestyle.

Using simple language and fun activities, explore healthy nutrition, how we can ensure everyone gets enough food, and how we can make the most of the food sources we have available.

Produced in partnership with Foodbank WA, these resources support the WA Curriculum: Health & PE, HASS and Design and Technologies.

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Part 1: Healthy eating

Food is essential for survival, but not all food has equal value. Learn about nutrition and how to make good food choices.

Part 2: A hungry world

From climate change and poverty to mismanagement, there are many reasons people go hungry. Explore the causes and extent of food insecurity, in Australia and the world.

Part 3: Food for all

To the well-fed, food is often taken for granted. But how do we make sure that everyone gets what they need for good health and nutrition?

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Developed with thanks to support from Foodbank WA.

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