Chevron Focus Environment competition – 2019 winners

Chevron Focus Environment competition – 2019 winners

Top shots tell vital tale

Gail Anthony, ED!

Students from around the State have learnt and relayed important lessons about the natural world using cameras and captions in our annual Chevron Focus Environment competition

Bucketloads of brilliant young snappers have once again captured stunning shots of WA’s incredible biodiversity while learning about the importance of protecting it, in our annual Chevron Focus Environment competition. Hoping to win one of many cash prizes on offer across four age categories and three environmental ones, students from kindergarten to Year 12 ventured outdoors to capture birds, sealife, plants, ants, beaches, a bath and more, and then composed thoughtful captions to raise awareness about our responsibilities towards the natural world.

Judges considered both photos and captions equally in determining the best entries. Congratulations to all winners, in particular Ebony Barker from Australian Christian College Southlands, who won four awards, and Blake Fields from Walliston Primary School who bagged three.

West Coast Secondary ESC excelled once again, claiming five prizes, the most of any school. Accolades must also go to Walliston Primary School and South West John Calvin Christian College, which received four apiece.

Check out the winning images below

Harry Butler Award

This prestigious prize is named in honour of multi-award winning West Australian naturalist and environmental consultant, Harry Butler, who passed away in 2015.

In a remarkable feat, talented shutterbug Ebony Barker from Australian Christian College Southlands has potted back-to-back Harry Butler Awards after one of her photos was selected for a second year by a Chevron representative. The company’s Senior Environmental Advisor, Johann Van Der Merwe judged the image to be most “Harry-like”.

The image reflects Harry Butler’s legacy which celebrates the co-existence of business and biodiversity, according to Mr Van Der Merwe. “In the photo we see the wind that drives our climate, the wind that drives the low pressure systems that see clouds form and, in turn, our rain. In turn, so necessary for our farming economy,” he says. “The same system drives our renewable energy generation, the wind turbines, which reduces our carbon footprint. The fog creates the image of the energy flows in the environment and, in a way, the dark clouds in the background look ominous — a reminder for us to get our energy economy right. Lastly to spot the paraglider sitting in the wind sums up the concept of coexistence. We conserve our resources, meaning the wise use of them, so that we can safeguard our environment, our economy and our life style.”

Mr Van Der Merwe describes the photo as “a brilliant combination shot with good artistic flair.”

Ebony says her family often walk around the wind farm. “It’s really beautiful and there is something very peaceful about it,” she says. She is very excited to have won the Harry Butler Award. “There are so many amazing photos to choose from and it is a real privilege to receive acknowledgement, especially when photography is one of my favourite things to do.”

FOCUS ON: SUSTAINABILITY IN WA, Years 7-10, 2nd place / Harry Butler Award
Ebony Barker, Australian Christian College Southlands
Windy Days: Wind farms are not only beautiful to look at, they are an important resource to power our homes.

Lyn Beazley Encouragement Award

2015 WA Australian of the Year and former WA Chief Scientist, Professor Lyn Beazley was filled with admiration at the standard of the images and captions in this year’s contest.

“I am thrilled by the way our young people have captured in their photographs the wonders of our natural environment, full of amazing plants and animals within unique ecosystems and brilliant scenery,” Professor Beazley says. “I am particularly impressed yet again by entries for the Lyn Beazley Encouragement Award, many that display true photographic excellence and imaginative composition.”

Judges selected these students as winners of this year’s Lyn Beazley Encouragement Award:

Kasey Crawford, Year 9, West Coast Secondary ESC
William Kendell, Year 10, West Coast Secondary ESC
Amitiel Kiszko, Year 10, West Coast Secondary ESC
Nathan, Year 12, West Coast Secondary ESC
Nicholas Koina, Year 9, West Coast Secondary ESC
Fletcher Jessett, Year 11, West Coast Secondary ESC
Christian Pelle, Year 10, West Coast Secondary ESC

Chevron Australia is proud to support the Chevron Focus Environment competition as a way of raising awareness among students about protecting and managing the environment.

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