Headlines through history – 190 years of The West

Explore timelines and selected historic events, as seen through the headlines of The West Australian

Interactive timeline

Explore interactive timeline below to show some significant historical people or events over time.

To navigate:

  • use your mouse or pointer to drag / move around each timeline.
  • click on the icons to view the interactive content, or to move to other timelines. 
  • for the best viewing experience, please select “Fullscreen” icon at bottom right.
  • may be viewed with a VR headset.

Please note:

  • The VR option provides a 360-degree immersive experience, however some elements may not operate at this time. However, our testing has shown full functionality using a web browser while wearing a VR headset.

For teachers

An overview of the key features of the interactive timeline is shown below.

(Please note: this is for your information only, and is not interactive. All elements can be accessed within the interactive timeline)

In this interactive classroom resource, we focus on our newspaper’s biggest headlines and iconic front pages where you’ll see how our editorial teams have documented history from generation to generation.

  • Links to WA Curriculum: HASS Skills.
  • Most suitable for Years 3-8.
  • Includes differentiated student activities.

Explore our interactive timeline to show some significant historical people or events over time, relevant to the context of Western Australia.

There are four interactive timelines:

  • 1833-1900, 1900-1950, 1950-2000, 2000-2023

Students can also explore some key events of the last 190 years using primary and secondary sources.

Each timeline features:

  • a selection of articles and front pages from The West Australian (primary sources)
  • child-friendly interpretation of each article and era (secondary sources)


  • background information
  • history of The West
  • how news is made
  • games
  • videos

Teacher notes (with links to WA Curriculum) and differentiated student activities (printable) are available from the main screen of the interactive timeline.