No, unfortunately The West Australian does not have delivery agents in every country town. You may need to pick up your newspapers from the local newsagent or roadhouse. It is recommended you enquire about this before you place an order.

No, Media Education’s resources are only available with The West Australian.

If you don’t receive your newspaper delivery on the expected day please report the problem to Media Education on the same day by phoning 9482 3717 and will follow up with the distributor and arrange a back order the next day, if necessary.

Most packs include 35 copies of The West Australian as activities usually require each student to have their own newspaper. For paid orders, you can request to receive fewer than 35 copies with your order, but this will not affect the pack price.

Special projects, that are fully paid for by the corporate community and provided to schools at no cost, are in set bulk sizes (usually 35 copies) and quantities cannot be adjusted.

All newspapers that are ordered for the same address are bundled together so they cannot be individually labelled. It is the responsibility of each teacher to separate and collect their class newspapers on the day they’re delivered.


For all matters relating to home subscription, cancellation or renewal please contact The West’s Subscriber Services department by email: or phone: 1800 811 855.

Each term most WA schools will receive copies of The West Australian for Media Education’s special projects (attention librarian). Opt out of these here: opt out or phone: 9482 3717


Unfortunately Media Education resources are available only to registered school addresses and not available for home delivery.

However, you can contact us to request a single copy of a specific resource. Postage and handling costs of $10 will apply.

No, Media Education’s packs are available in class sets only, and newspapers must be delivered to a registered school address.

Click here for home delivery options.


Some of our resources are available to schools at no cost.

Where charges apply, teachers may choose to pay by credit card immediately, or may choose to have an invoice sent to their school.

Schools will be invoiced at the end of the month. Please provide a purchase order number when you order.


After students have used their newspaper in class, they can it home at the end of the day to read or recycle.

Alternatively, classes can participate in Media Education’s regular Read & Recycle competitions which challenge students to create something out of old newspapers.

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