Delivery Conditions

  • Delivery is usually made to the school administration building before 6am.
    • If your school is surrounded by a gate which is locked in the early hours, bulks may be left by the gate.
  • Newspapers are not always labelled with individual teachers’ names and may be bundled with copies ordered by other staff at your school.
  • Please notify your school administration staff in advance of your deliveries, including relevant dates and quantities you are expecting.
  • In the event of a delivery problem, please notify Media Education on the day newspapers were expected as we may not be able to resolve the matter if reported later.
  • Media Education offers are available only to WA schools while supplies last.
  • School newspaper deliveries are available only to registered West Australian schools within West Australian Newspapers’ school delivery network. If in doubt, please enquire with Media Education.
    • In country towns, where mail runs are limited, newspapers are delivered to the local newsagent for collection by the teacher.
    • We regret that these special offers are not available in North West and remote regions.
  • Newspaper delivery may take up to three working days from placement of order to commence.
  • School newspaper deliveries are automatically suspended on school and public holidays.
    • Some programs are advertised with a set number of deliveries. If your order includes a public holiday, please contact us so that we can arrange an additional delivery.
  • One class set of newspapers = up to 35 copies of The West Australian or The Sunday Times.
  • School newspapers are for classroom use only and are strictly not for re-sale.
  • Back copies for bulk orders placed after publication date are not available.

Orders must be placed before 12pm Friday for deliveries during the following school week (unless otherwise stated).

For urgent delivery requests (during the current school week), phone (08) 9482 3717 or email Please note that a $10 surcharge will apply for each class set delivered.

In the event of a delivery problem, please notify Media Education on the day newspapers were expected.

  • It may be possible (depending on the program ordered) to amend the delivery dates and/or quantity to better suit your requirements. With some (but not all) programs, the daily quantity delivered may be reduced on request to no less than 15 copies.
  • Refunds or credit, in full or part, are not available for prepaid newspapers once delivery has commenced.
  • Please note that package prices are fixed and no credit is given if reducing your newspaper quantity.

In Media Education’s programs, The West Australian and The Sunday Times are used as a ‘living textbook’, exposing students to dynamic and current real-world events. Following the daily news as part of these programs enables students to develop their critical literacy skills and engage in informed conversations about the world around them with their peers, teachers and families.

The Media Education team is conscious that, at times, some content within The West Australian or The Sunday Times may be inappropriate for some students or contexts. However, the news cycle and breaking stories from around the world are not something that Media Education can control.

We recommend, therefore, that teachers preview the pages of each edition prior to using the newspaper with their class and use their professional judgement accordingly. By knowing in advance which articles and pages are most relevant, teachers can focus their students’ attention on these, or remove content or pages that may be problematic.

We thank you for your continued support of Media Education’s programs.

Delivery Enquries

Please don’t hesitate to contact Media Education on 9482 3717 or email if you have any further questions about deliveries.

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